Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am not trying to make a point

All I am saying is I like this video.


  1. Rocket jumping cannot be allowed. It may allow you to bypass intended content and challenges.

    I remember in Halo I was so proud of myself when I found that with perfect timing I could kill an elite before he got in his banshee. Having a banshee made that level a lot more fun. I think it was the level where I almost activate Halo and Cotana gets mad at me. Earlier in the game when searching for the map room (Silent Cartographer, the demo level) I found that with a perfectly placed pair of rockets I could drive a warthog into the underground area. Even better, if I drove it just right I could get it to the lowest level.

    The thing was, bypassing the "intended challenge" was a huge damn challenge!

  2. The first game is obviously an improvement.

    If you look at a Mac or iPad, you see how much more user-friendly software has become with more wizards and assistants. Now users expect the same in all their software.