Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doone's Titan Investigation

I have nothing to add to Doone's post.

Yep. Nothing.


  1. I don't think he is very accurate. I have two sources very close to the Titan project and while neither will give specific details what I do know is that;

    Titan plays like a standard MMO in that you control a character, there is a game, and that is the primary interface in which you play Titan.

    It is 2-3 years away from being announced at Blizzcon. They are very far behind schedule... like really far by Blizzard standards.

  2. That would be my guess as well. But sometimes it is fun dreaming. If I could use WoW's art and just change the rules a bit, I could turn that game into a dream. I'd change mob placement a bit, scale ae powers back, change the loot a bit, remove those LFD/Rs and suddenly: for almost no effort a completely different game.

    It's a pitty they probably won't let me. I could maybe pay a few hundred thousand. But I can't pay some hundred million that developing that thing from the ground up costs. ;)

  3. He he thanks. I didn't see a source link at "Fires of Heaven" so i'm adding it here:

  4. I doubt they are already working on anything like Steam. Activision maybe, actually I hope for them that they are - everything else would be stupid. But I think Blizzard still does not understand the value of a community.

    Not only did they destroy the WoW community on purpose with the LFD, Guild leveling and now LFR but they also don't know how to work with a community. They created a major fuckup with RealID because they did not understand their customers.

    But the worst issue is that they have all this Battle.net infrastructure but if I'd like to chat with my former WoW friends I have to use Steam or ICQ. I can't chat with them with a trial account because trial accounts don't support RealID. And why doesn't the launcher have a chat client like Steam does? Wouldn't that be the perfect oportunity to lure people back into a subscription?

    They fucking don't get it. They think a community is the same as random suckers which are forced down your throat and they really think we enjoy it.

    So, no, I really doubt Titan is anything that would build, create, use or monetize a community.

    Titan is just a game we already know I a polished form.