Thursday, August 25, 2011

Raph Koster is Great

The title says it, I think. Not only is he brilliant at holding engaging presentations, he also says a lot of good stuff. And, this time, I am especially thrilled, because he says very bluntly that MMORPGs are like a marriage. Several times.
I agree, Raph.

Here's his presentation.


  1. Sometimes I think people, when they say what something is, are actually saying what they want it to be. Eg "This is a great camping spot"

    Do you want it to be like a marriage. Or are you trying to make out it is, whether anyone likes it or not?

  2. Well, Callan, if my and Koster's arguments don't convince you then there's not much I can do, I fear.

    However, I think that the idea that MMORPGs share many properties with a relationship between humans is so far removed from something one could intuitively want, that your point just doesn't apply.

    One of the central ideas of the last posts was that if you want to make somebody like something, you must not go to him and try to make him like it, but rather must go to him and make him want to like it. The difference is subtle but important.

  3. Currently my internet is 'shaped' and as slow as a snail, I can't see the video yet.

    if you want to make somebody like something...but rather must go to him and make him want to like it.

    Any limit on that, or anything goes in trying to make someone want something and there's nothing that's "Oh, that's going a bit too far"?