Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diablo 3 RMT Details

If I no longer need an item I bought in the auction house, can I relist it in the auction house?
Yes. Once you've purchased an item you can do anything with it that you could if you had acquired it through your own adventures, whether that be using it yourself, or, after a cool-down period, trading it to another character or relisting it on either the gold-based or currency-based auction house. In fact, you can generally do any combination of these things -- for example, you can purchase an item in the auction house, use it for a while, and then relist it or trade it to another character. Aside from certain quest items, there will be very few (if any) items that will be “soulbound” to your character and therefore untradable. Please note that the duration of the cool-down period mentioned above will be discussed at a later date.

Now, that is interesting! It seems this push for "more flexible business models" does finally bring along the elimination of this unimmersive 'soulbound' mechanic.

Blizzard is obviously interested in maximizing the amount of items traded and less concerned about players outfitting their characters too fast. Expect some really, really rare items ...

Ironically, these are things I have always asked for.
Seems a Devil was required to get rid of the Beelzebub :)

What is "smart searching"?
When players launch the auction house interface, they’ll be able to select any Diablo III character associated with their account. The "smart search" feature will assess which item slots have available upgrades and will sort items available in the auction house based on which upgrades would be most beneficial to the character. You can also search for specific stats to match the requirements of a particular character build.
Will buying or selling items in the auction house reveal my identity?
No. All player transactions in the gold-based and currency-based auction houses will be anonymous, and neither your real name nor your character name will be revealed to other players.
Honi soit qui mal y pense.

If my character dies in Hardcore mode, will I lose the items that I purchased in the "Hardcore-only" gold-based auction house for that character?
Yes. Again, Hardcore-mode characters will only have access to a "Hardcore-only" gold-based auction house, not the currency-based auction house, and will not be able to trade with non-Hardcore characters. Hardcore is an optional mode designed for players who enjoy playing with the risk of permanently losing their character if the character dies, and that includes the items they acquired with that character.
Thanks for the added incentive to play hardcore mode. :)


  1. It's like they used to have a notion that you had to play the content to get the gear. That's now looking old fashioned. (In D4 maybe there won't be anything except an auction house and a button you can press to generate random items to sell.)

  2. Diablo never had any "soulbound" stuff, items where always tradeable even after you used them.

    It would be more of a suprise if they changed that in D3

  3. I wonder whether that means that there will be item decay. If you can use an item forever, you will have less incentive to buy items constantly, and everything except the absolutely perfectly itemized item will become worthless in the long run. I'm pretty sure they'll need some way to get gear out of the system again – after all, that 's one of the main reasons of soulbinding, isn't it?

  4. Either that or they'll just keep adding new, higher level gear all the time. Vertical expansions, ho!