Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Crisis of Credit

This video is two years old and nowadays we have different problems. But it is a masterpiece at explaining the most important reason for the 2008/2009 crisis.

Do you know similar videos for the current crises?



    It's a fairly lefty selection and not as graphical as your example.

    I couldn't find a right wing video that made any sense at all, most of the right seem to feel lowering taxes is the answer but can't say why. (Real reason: because they want to grab as much personal wealth as possible before they have to flee to the Cayman Islands).

  2. It is not specifically about the current crisis, and it's in German (I couldn't find a translation), but I always liked this one, especially considering it was basically a design student's final work at university: (three parts, rest should be listed as "related" to this first part)

    And of course, there's the classic Brecht line from the Threepenny opera: "What is the burgling of a bank to the founding of a bank?"

  3. Thanks for the links. However, they are more (entertaining) statements of opinions than explanations. ;)

  4. Try this: