Monday, August 15, 2011

Are Aventurine reading this blog ?

Aventurine produces Darkfall. A game I never played, but always observed.

Now they are about to release Darkfall 2.0, which is considered a new game. I think that's a good idea. Reading some of the changes, I found myself laughing.

Character skill set customization and role selection through the implementation of Darkfall’s new armor system and through attribute boost via achievements: What armor you wear greatly affects which skills you can use effectively and it makes others ineffective. You’re highly specialized in one role making your character extremely efficient and effective in that role. The major attribute boost works exponentially to give your character access to special items and weapons setting him further apart from the hybrids.
New skills are going to be added, and redundant ones will be removed from the game.
Skill and attribute gains have changed considerably. If a new player focuses on a single role, he will excel at that role in a relatively short time frame through casual play. More options and more roles will become available to him. Players can use one specialization at a time however.

Now, if that isn't my role system. The "What you wear is what you are" idea. The transfer of EVE Online to a fantasy MMORPG !

Well done, Aventurine! And thanks for testing my idea ... Is it actually possible to copyright such ideas ? ;)


  1. Is it actually possible to copyright such ideas ?


  2. Good.. at least I cannot blame myself then ;)

  3. Darkfall seems very interesting, I just don't like pvp too much and especially don't like "forced" pvp..

    I quited Aion because of the lack of pve servers..and I always ask why a game don't have pve server?

    btw I think that you have to use your idea and make money from it and then you can copyright it...otherwise you cannot :P How can you prove you were the first that thought of it?you can only prove you were the first that used it..

    the best way I can explain it with my english :P

  4. I have no hope for Darkfall. It is a failed game in a failed state ,they updating it at way too slow pace and all this are just promises (not yet actually implemented).

    Darkfall is a bad game.- not fun to play. This fact seals its fate , no matter how many times they "re-release" it (that would be at least 3d time - "pre-order" release, "release-release", "us release")

  5. Copyright law differs from country to country. You don't need to use or make money from an idea to have it copyrighted. I've copywritten works of literature and haven't sold a single one. The only thing is that your idea must fit within one of the acceptable forms of intellectual work within the boundaries of a country's copyright law, then yes it can be copyrighted.

    If you could prove that you wrote about it on your blog before anyone else in the world thought of it you might, I repeat, might have a case. If not it remains anecdotal, albeit a very good tale. :)

  6. How ist that, Gronthe ? :)
    I even underlined the most important part:
    "Skills only apply if the correct equipment is used. The equipment you wear defines your role"

    On the other hand, the idea isn't all that original. It follows directly from trying to transfer the EVE Online skill system (that locks you into roles with your ship) to a fantasy world (that locks you into a role with your equipment).

    It has all the advantages from the EVE system, like endless progress, no permanent lock-in a role, allowing players a rather fast character progression while also always giving people another role to explore. Also, balance isn't as important as in traditional systems.
    But I already wrote all that :)

    I'm happy that Adventurine tests the idea. Let's see how the exact implementation works out.

  7. Don't forget the follow up post I wrote back in March ;)