Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Anthem

Reading lots of news about lots of different opinions about Europe's future, I eventually stumbled over Europe's anthem.
That's right, we actually have one ;)

Naturally I tried to find some music videos. That wasn't at all easy. At first I found this guy. Now, that wouldn't even be all that bad, if he hadn't recorded himself on video. Perhaps, in the far future people will look back on our age and determine that this kind of video was characteristic; I hope not.

Anyway, I continued my search and really couldn't find the English version being performed by a professional. So I will link you to the original German version.

However fitting it may seem to have an European anthem with German text, it's not a good idea, in my opinion. Anyway, you might want to know what the text actually says. That's a challenge even if German is your mother tongue.

At first I found this. Oh my god! That's actually funny!

Eventually, I found a nice German/English translation of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Enjoy ;)


  1. I hope by saying you "stumbled upon" the European Anthem you don't mean to imply that you were unaware of its existence before. o_O

    Here's a professional performance with the English lyrics by the way, first result I got while searching for "Ode to Joy" on YouTube.

    Also, there is always this version. ;)

  2. "Unfortunately, this SME-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights"

    That explains it, doesn't it ? :)
    Anybody got some advise about how to circumvent my German censorship ?

  3. I just ended up using

    But there may be an easier way to circumvent this half-hearted business-censorship. If anyone knows one, let me know, please ;)

  4. "Perhaps, in the far future people will look back on our age and determine that this kind of video was characteristic; I hope not."

    This made me imagine the future. Much like how some children ask if the world used to be in black in white, our grandchildren will ask if the world used to be grainy and low definition.

  5. Hey, you're German. You should listen to Deutschlandfunk more (actually a really good program if you're interested in news and backgrounds). They have the European anthem right after the German one, every night at midnight. :)