Friday, June 10, 2011

Wizardry Online, Eve Online

Woah! So far I love it. Even and especially the trailer.

Edit: It seems it is going to be f2p. .. I don't even want to imagine what kind of stuff a game with permadeath and microtransactions could do to your wallet. *sigh*

Oh, and have a look at this.
Whatever you may think about Dust 514. In contrast to many bigger companies CCP does have a vision that extends beyond the statistics.


  1. I'll bite back my comment on how the blonde elf in that screenshot looks...and the taru-tarus or whatever they are. as for the girl - why am I worried we'd be seeing panties if she wasn't sitting?


    But besides everything that's wrong with that picture, I agree with you Nils, the article sounds quite great, lol.. :D

  2. Syl, you'd rather get permadeath, full scale PvP, realistic combat, characters dying of old age, required in-game food&drink&sleep and metal armor rusting when in contact with water, than a MMORPG without the sex-factor. ..

  3. permadeath, full scale PvP,

    2 completely opposite concepts in one sentence! It will never work. Albeit I would really love to see it tried. Who knows what interesting dynamics could come out before they crash and /burn and/or change it

  4. It sounds awesome. I wonder how we can get on the Beta ...

  5. After searching a bit online, it seems Wizardry Online is not really going to be an MMORPG, but rather a WoT-like lobby. That is not necessarily bad. In combination with a mictrotransactions business model, however, it does reduce my enthusiasm a bit ;)

  6. There's an iphone version of Wizardry 1 called "sorceror". They changed the names a bit because of the IP, but otherwise it's a pretty straight clone. Have played around with it a bit, but am not quite as prepared to map every square on graph paper these day - that's one mechanic I don't miss.

    I think that perma death worked well in early Wiz, but it was single player... I doubt that combining perma death with anonymous players in an F2P MMO will work without them having to add a lot of ad hoc restrictions to firefight griefing.

  7. Permadeath is something I've yet to see implemented in a decent way in a game. Usually it just translates in "grind again the same low-level stuff one more time", i.e. a cheap solution to keeping low-level areas filled and people occupied.
    Perma-death would work very well in a game with minimal character progression. Why I don't believe for a moment that a microtransaction-based system will work this way?
    My bet is on Rappelz's approach: at high level when you die you lose an amount of exp which takes a lot of time to earn back: solution, the cash shop conveniently provides potion which can rez you with no xp loss.....

  8. "By removing the minimap..."

    ...they one-shotted whatever interest I had in the game.