Saturday, June 25, 2011

One More Word on Monocles

The CEO decided to talk to the players and told them to shut up.
That is not saying nothing will change, on the contrary, in fact we know that success in this space is through learning and adapting to _what is actually happening_ and new knowledge gained in addition to what we knew before and expected.

Now, for any other company that would probably end in disaster. With CCP I am not so sure. Eve Online is a cut-throat universe and it's a good guess the company and the players like that. In any way I congratulate CCP for saying the truth straightforward. That shouldn't be a bonus, but considering what other companies do, it is.

I argued yesterday that if you play a game like Eve where you could always subtly buy yourself to victory, a vanity item shop really can't be all that bad. In fact, it seems the monocle has generated more revenue (=profit in this case) than all other items combined. That's not really a surprise. I wonder why there is no 'glowing eyes implant' yet. Should generate lots of revenue if it costs some equivalent of $500.

This entire story will turn out to be quite profitable for CCP, but it has reduced the probability that I will ever return to Eve. Oh, and I stopped the monthly sub I was running to support them. Doesn't make sense to sympathize with a company or even 'like their product'. Ridiculous emotions. From now on CCP will be treated based on _what they actually do_.

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