Monday, June 6, 2011


In some way Archage was one of those games I really looked forward to. A MMORPG with a focus on sandbox elements. You can grow plants, construct houses, become ill, player illnesses can spread, ... a dream come true?

I couldn't really believe it and it is good I didn't. Because they released a video about combat. It's not exactly credible .. in fact, I was like "What The Hell?" when I watched this.

Seems like I need to make my own MMORPG, though.


  1. One the one hand, I don't think it looks very impressive either, despite ArcheAge looking promising in general. On the other, that Bard dude took down a mob with bullets made of song. That you don't see every day.

  2. I have no idea WTF the goal of that video was. Do they have good fight mechanics? No idea. Do they have good graphics, possibly.

    I guess that the only thing that I can say is "Ardwulf, that was pretty cool."

  3. Ok I am not sure why you freaked out about video (its really your regular MMO ability combat, with flashier abilities)

    But the rest?

    -huge beautiful non instanced world. Check
    -Ability to influence it .check
    -Extensive crafting .check
    -housing. check

    Check out this site :

    It has lots of videos. A lot of it is generic mmo stuff ,but some parts are amazing -like the huge city. Player villages etc.

    Its all is really early beta (so I disregard glitches and camera/animations artifacts) but final product could be amazing. In fact if it was not Korean I would be super hyped. But asians manage to kill some of most interesting projects with mind numbing grinds.