Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scrusi on SW:TOR at E3

Just a copy/paste of my comment on Scrusi's blog:

SW:TOR will be a single player game for anything but the instances that you teleport to. So, I can absolutely believe that many more of these cinematics will be played during the game. And I am sure that they will be enjoyable for the first play-through.

It’s just that this is really not what traditionally has been considered a MMORPG. It’s a story-driven single player game with some multiplayer events that you (probably) teleport to, and away from when finished.

At endgame these multiplayer instances and some achievement grind will be what the ‘game’ is about. Every now and then new story bits with cinematics will be patched in. WoW has shown that this can be financially successful.


  1. Sounds exactly like Cataclysm to me...

  2. Umm nope last time I checked the devs said only important story arcs will be instanced and that only includes the quest givers.