Wednesday, June 22, 2011

R. Koster destroys Social Games from within

Thanks Gilded for linking this on his blog. A fun, smart and inspiring presentation; highly recommended (audio starts to play immediately ...).

There seem to be a lot of people in this room who are interested in making even more money with the distractions we have got to know as social games. Koster shows them an aweful lot of future opportunities to do just that.

However, should they really follow his advise, they would turn their tiny distractions into full grown virtual worlds.
I really hope this presentation turns out to be the future  ..

Added the presentation to the Really Good Links.


  1. I think he already got very close with Metaplace, which I saw as potentially a universe of virtual worlds. You know that awesome pipedream game you, me, Syncaine and probably every MMO model muses about making? I was planning to make mine in there had the project caught hold.

    Another one to watch is Richard Garriott. Ultima at times was one of the truly great computer rpgs. People have their doubts about him because he flopped with Tabula Rasa then announced he was moving to social games just as gamers were finding out about Farmville then announced his first game with Portalarium would be... wait for it.... a poker game. MMOers were outraged that the father of Ultima Online, the first popular MMO, was prostituting his art to make a poker game. Of course he has to test the tech and pay the bills so I wasn't disappointed, seemed pretty sensible to me for someone starting out a new business on an emergent platform. Now he's gearing up to produce something very like Ultima Online.

  2. *typo I meant to call us bloggers, not models. Although I'm sure we're all rather attractive people :)

    One of my odder typos.

  3. Gah, a link to an auto-playing video with audio. There goes my credibility at work ^^

    That said, looking forward to watching it when I'm at home ;)