Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prime: Battle For Dominus

Just a short post to give PRIME some attention. The web page is online for 11 days now and the game is planned to be released this year. Let's hope for the best ...

Check out the about link and the FAQ if you like.
Oh .. and it's not going to be f2p. Yes!

How is Prime different from other MMORPGs?
Prime is a science fiction MMO with three different factions. Each homeworld is safe from attack, but the rest of the galaxy is open to all for exploration and battle.

We offer a real reason for player versus player combat: Control of Dominus, the only planet in the galaxy with the element (Prime) necessary for technological advancement, weapons of war, and defense. Players in control of Dominus harvest Prime - and invent/create uses for it as well.

Later this summer, we'll have a lot to say about player driven content, the bounty system, player inventions, story events conducted by employees, and more.

They just hired Sanya Weathers, who has worked on Dark Age of Camelot before ...


  1. Meh, I like the concept, I don't like the 2001 graphics..

    We shall see...

  2. Mmh, I don't think the graphics are all that bad, actually. But we'll have to see some video, I guess. Screenshots only show so much.