Saturday, September 24, 2011

WoW was dumbed down for the Hardcore, Part II

Yesterday I gave you a few videos for my level 6 undead priest Laszerus. Today I'll give you two videos for my level 11 undead priest Laszerus.

You remember the video where level 6 Laszerus almost gets killed by a level 7 goul, do you? Now take a look at this. I easily drop two mobs at the same time without even taking damage. One is my level, the other one below. It was hard enough to find those, because I already started outleveling the area just from doing quests.

Most mobs at that time were level 8-9. A fight against them looked like this.

These are my stats:

And from there it gets worse and worse. Hit level 15, do a few dungeons and soon all mobs are grey. You don't even kill them before they reach you: you often one-hit them.

My point stands: If Blizzard tried to dumb down the new player experience, they spectacularly failed in the level range 4-9. A level 4-9 warrior, for example, dies whenever he pulls two mobs of his level in the undead starting area. And this starting area is one of the most popular. But as soon as you hit level 10 and get your specialization the sky is the limit. I easily killed four mobs of my level yesterday, but unfortunately didn't capture it.

The only explanation I have is that Blizzard only made a half-hearted effort at dumbing down the new-player difficulty. They dumbed down level 1-3 and level 11-85. But they forgot about 4-9. They are either stupid or just don't really care about the new player experience all that much. If new players really rage quit when they die too often, they would all ragequit at level 4-9. Of course they don't. They rather boredom-quit at 10-85.

Would this kind of inconsistency remain in heroic raids? Just imagine one boss is trivial, the other is really hard. Would Blizzard adjust balace? Yes, within a few days. If need be they would re-invent the paladin. And all that for a few heroic-mode raiders. But the new players that Blizzard supposedly caters for are stuck with massive balance inconsistencies for months, if not years now. And I am not even talking about battlegrounds (look at the HP).

I worked a bit on my video encoding skills and thus the text on the vids is actually readable. File size is still below 5MB each.

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