Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music and your Eyes

Yesterday I decided to create a little game just for myself. I looked for pictures of my screen resolution at google and bing. I typed in terms like “love”, “violett”, "snow", “loud”, “water”, “heat”, while first listening to Metallica's Outlaw Torn. Note the e-guitar solo near the end. It's one of the best there is.

It's remarkable how the human mind is always able to find some reason for why this picture fits the song especially good.

Later I felt a bit more .. bold?, and I switched to “Disturbed – The Game”. A wonderful song already. It becomes great if you watch pictures like this at the same time.

I continued with Metallica's legendary Nothing Else Matters and found that it fits particularly well with the man with the dragonfly.

After listening to several more songs I finished the day with Metallica's version of Astronomy. And this picture.

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