Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Latest WoW changes are good

I actually like the latest WoW changes. I might even resub for a month. The LFRaid feature seems to feature much easier challenges. This leads to a much smoother learning curve once you have a character at max level.
I like the idea to do anonymous raids at very low difficulty where I can learn the fight and experience the story, and then unsub again. Theoretically there's the chance that I get to know other people on the server and move on to 'normally' difficult raids with them. But hoping to get to know people in nowadays WoW, especially via LFR feature, is probably a bit naïve.

WoW is, of course, not really a MMO anymore; not in the traditional sense, anyway. And it's far removed from where I would like the genre go. But taking WoW for what it is and actively adjusting my own expectations might allow me to get some more fun out of it. It might be worth the 12.99€.

Now I just need to find out how to get a max level char, because leveling for two-digit hours while two-shooting mobs and canceling quest lines vs. leveling for three-digit hours while one-shooting mobs and not canceling quest lines, is really one of the worst choices (incomparable) ever in computer gaming.


  1. I agree.

    WoW as a lobby game where you LFD and LFR makes a lot more sense than the rather schizophrenic game it has been.

    I just wonder if we'll see the same shift from "proper" raiding to LFR that we saw from 25 man to 10 man. The number of people who prefer 25s or even 10s is probably quite small and if there's a no commitment no guilt no hassle alternative...

  2. Will the LFR be cross-realms? If yes, there goes your chance to meet people. If no I can only imagine how long the wait time will be for the less demanded roles.

    And how does it handle people leaving after not getting their tier token? By requiring raiders to run this once per day as random to max VP?