Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I don't really like Youtube

Late this evening I started to explore what the youtube second encoding actually does to the quality of the video. And unfortunately I found out that it is quite disastrous. I created a useless 1080p test video which you can watch at youtube, if you want.

At frame 320, that is after 10.68 seconds, when I am just turning the camera at high speed, I looked at three frames: the original frame of the 2.7 GB video with lossless compression by Fraps. The H.264 CRF=20 encoded frame (37.3 MB) which I uploaded to youtube. And the frame of the youtube video at 1080p (19.2 MB).

Here are the three pictures. For example open them in different tabs of the browser and quickly switch back and forth to spot the differences. Make sure that any zoom is off.

The difference between the original and the H.264 compressed pictures are visible, but negligible. The difference to the youtube version, however, is not negligible at all. And that's the 1080p version. The 720p version, let alone the 480p version look simply terrible. At least when I think of all the effort I put into creating the perfect quality/bandwidth solution.

Does anybody have an idea?


  1. Nil I didn't found any way to contact you in your blog so I have to make an off - topic post. I would like to suggest you to make an article on some subjects..the reason is I am not good at english and you are making a very good writing :P So if you are Interested here is some things bothers me...

    1)Should companies aim to release a game that will be playable even in the less badget pc? really now most mmo out there are making graphics that can be played by 30 euro graphics card and cpu :( .Of course they want to target the biggest audience they can but in what cost? I am not rich, I have a hobby to be a gamer and always try to have a decent pc (not the most expensive) and my friends the same...why we cannot enjoy the games because some people don't bother to invest 150-200 euro for a graphic card while they have the money?

    2)http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/985151-just-leveled-my-priest-learned-nothing-in-the-process.. I just want to comment on this and maybe put it on a more constructive way. As it is now leveling seem like a time penalty until you are able to play in high level. It doesn't offer you anything useful at all. they must make it challenging and interesting or remove it completely.

    3) http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/985082-what-defines-if-feature-x-is-grindy-or-not

    option 1
    kill 10 worgs every day and in 40 days you ll go exalted (400 worgs)

    option 2
    Kill 400 worgs to go exalted

    option 2 considered grindy while option 1 considered as "casual" though I feel the opposite. For example a casual player may not login every-day and if he lost a daily he cannot recover that while a "hardcore" who logs every day don't have a problem.Both they will kill the same amount of worgs but the one will reach exalted half a month earlier.

    In conclusion it seems that any feature that allow players to advance in their own pace is generally considered grindy, mostly because they think they must do it in 1 single day. For example you could kill 70 worgs in saturday/sunday or simple you could still kill 10 worgs per day...instead you feel this is grindy (not directly you m8 :P, you is every player). So is it possible that some good features are bad - judged as "grindy" because players don't handle them well?

    Hope you find some time to make an article on these with your ideas/opinions and you re well constructive way of writing :P

  2. Giannis, scroll down to the bottom and look left. There's the blog's email: NilsMMOblog@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the suggestions :)

  3. ah..yes I missed it :( at least now I know where to contact you next time :P thanks

  4. You want to match your video as close to Youtube's encoding as closely as possible. I read the previous post, but it wasn't clear exactly what settings you were using to render your video.

    You want the vertical pixel height to be divisible by 16. If you're recording in 1920x1080 - you'll want to render in 1920x1072.

    This is why 720p videos (in geneal) look better than some of the 1080 videos (they're encoded on the user end as 1280x720 - divisible by 16).

    Also, Youtube won't display more than 30 frame per sec, so you shouldn't render at more than that (less is fine if needbe).

    There are other software specific settings that may toy with youtube's final resolution. Try using preset "high" or "best" settings if you're still having problems.

    Hope that helps, and made sense.

  5. I am not an expert, but have you tried viewing the youtube video as h.264? E.g., with an iOS device like iPad? I.e., the iOS devices don't do Flash so youtube changed to also emit h.264 (i.e. essentially Quicktime) i.e. I think that there are two ways/clients to view the video and idk but they may provide a different experience.

    I have also read posts where bloggers claimed the "high quality" video was not immediately available until after a few hours, Presumably due to some background conversions going on. But I am not sure if this is or ever was accurate.

  6. Thanks masterlooter. I returned to 720p with my latest videos.

  7. Thank you for the update. I need to do the same for videos on my druidrox website.