Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SW:TOR Problems

Last post I assumed that it would be within my capabilities to play the game. How naive.

After having installed the game from the three DVDs I wanted to play. Of course I first needed to log in. I tried my EA account but that didn't work. So I tried to make a new account but that didn't work either because there already was somebody with my email address: me.

It took me some time to figure out that I should log in at the EA web account and then "redeem" my game code. Fine. I went back to finally play. Now the log-in worked. Great.

But I was told that I don't have an active subscription. So I went back to the web account and subscribed. Right after having subscribed I unsubscribed. I don't like automatically recurring subscriptions and the FAQ explicitly said that I would still be able to play the game for the remaining 29 days that came with the game itself.

Now I wanted to finally start the game. I failed because I still had no active subscription. So I went back to the web account and 're'subscribed but didn't unsubscribe right after. I went back to the launcher, logged in and wanted to play. But apparently the launcher is now permanently confused and thinks I have no active account. I am told to go subscribe to the game.

Since I log in with the same email/password on web account and launcher and since the web account tells me that I am currently subscribed for 29 days I know this is wrong. So much for SW:TOR.


  1. Reminds me of FFXI efforts waaaaay back. I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble :(

  2. I had the exact same problem with early access. It has to do with the code you have attached to your account. Make sure all your "steps" on the website are complete (including security questions, security code is optional). Also make sure the game is properly "attached" to your account. For early access I needed to wait a short while for my account to "activate", but then I was able to get in. They might send you an email to confirm, make sure it isnt getting blocked by spam filter.

    Good Luck!

  3. Yeah. It's important not the jam the door you want customers to walk through. I know there will be many defenses about "the volume! the volume!" but we're in the 21st century and collecting customer money has been perfected by so many companies. The art of delivering downloads and authentication has also been perfected.

    EA, hire the companies that know. No one wants a reinvention of the wheel :)

  4. Thanks Degrin. I hadn't filled out the basic information. Why does EA need to know who I am (they already know all the info from the credit card!).

    Now it works ...

  5. No Problem!

    It is very important that they be able to to track your information "in order to give you the best experience possible". /sarcasm

    Or it could just be for marketing purposes so that they can sell you more stuff and don't have to pay to actually do their own research on their potential clients.

  6. Position in Queue: 1125. I'm not playing either :(

  7. Had similar problems with pre-ordering, early access.
    I sent an e.mail to customer service and boom I had access and could play. Now I still have access and I haven't activated a subscription. I'm afraid to f-- with it and set up a subscription because that might "confuse" the servers again. It really did seem like the whole system was confused between the origin servers, the old EA account and the Bioware servers.
    I was absolutely enraged trying to get it all worked out.
    Such a crazy waste of time.

  8. Okay, you are doing the install from DVD, you should know the answer. How big was the initial patch post-install?

  9. Had your problem too Nils, it's mostly a question of them using using the same error message for many different problems.

    The queuing problem is unlikely to go away quickly, since Bioware, rather unwisely, appear to have no way of transferring player characters between servers; so the only thing to do, if you are unfortunate enough to be on a overloaded server is to create an alt on another server - of course with no guarantee that your new server won't attract too many refugees and become overloaded itself.

  10. I bought the boxed version too, since in every previous installation of an online game, I've had to download the complete game more than once, due to various problems.... and I'm glad I did - after playing early on the 20th my PC blue screened and now won't start... So I'm now playing SWTOR on my macbook, running under bootcamp. Incredibly this almost works...

  11. Just to add to the queueing problems (I discovered this last night) - if you are on a busy server and you get the dreaded 1002 after being kicked out of a queue, wait 10-15 minutes and you should be able to re-queue (apparently the server thinks you are still logged on and won't let you re-queue for a period of time).

  12. So what are the options dor the queue times? Bioware could build lots more servers but is that really a smart move? Or they could do what they are doing.

    The game is new, lots of people always flock to the new thing. So you have a big spike in people wanting to play. Not to mention that sschool is out and others are on vacation.

    Yes they could have had more servers but what happens in a month when some people leave for various reasons as their subscription time runs out? All those servers would be a wasted cost and then you have the problem of too few people on some servers.

    No, the logical answer is the one they picked. We don't like it but its the one that makes the most economic sense.

  13. I agree with Goodmongo, I'd rather suffer queue times now than have my server turn into a ghost town later down the road because of over expansion. Bioware's reaction (or lack of) is the best course for the long term, unless the queue time is incredibly long.

    Only two ways to aleviate queue times:

    1. Build more servers + free transfers to these new servers
    2. Increase the volume of players allowed to log in at once.

    Option 1 causes thin server pops down the road.

    Option 2 shortens queue times but also increases lag, sometimes to the point where its not worth playing.

    I don't mind the Q times. I am on shii cho and mine is only 10 mins. Anything more than 25 minutes really should be addressed though.

  14. Well, I think the queuing problem was mostly avoidable. At least in Europe it seems to be largely a result of poor allocation of the early access guilds to too few servers. My guild (TOG) was placed on The Red Eclipse server, but for some reason they also put a load of Scandinavian, Dutch and Spanish guilds on the same server, making it pretty much the default server for those countries. It was well overloaded even before the official start on the 20th and is now on at least 2 hour queue times at peak.

    There's really no solution, other than to re roll on one of the newer servers. I don't believe that Bioware have really been phasing access as they claim, rather these early access servers are already at capacity - i.e. It wasn't thought out and is the usual cock up that is an endemic part of the culture of large companies.

  15. are all the people with queue issues on european servers? i logged in at 8pm local on launch day and there wasn't a queue at all.
    i didn't have any trouble starting the game either. i can't say why they need the information, but i had received emails in advance prompting me for it. all i needed was the code to register my copy since i didn't preorder the digital ed.
    and setting up a subscription seems to be pretty standard stuff. i know i've had to do that on all the mmos i've played recently.

  16. No, some US servers are overloaded as well. There are plenty of servers now without a queue, that were added later, but if a guild/character wants to switch from one of the over subscribed servers the only way is to start again from scratch.

  17. Not sure about the Euro servers, but most US servers have fairly short queue times. Mine is never longer than 10 minutes really. I start the queue and go grab a quick snack and before i know it im playing the game. Anything longer than 20 minutes though I could see how I might start to get annoyed. Also the lag has been very stable for the most part, with maybe a 3-second lag spike every 2 hours. Also I have yet to be disconnected prematurely.

  18. I would play this as a single player game. MMO -- not so much.