Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SW:TOR has just arrived

I'm currently installing it.

I have this strange feeling you get when you are about to meet an old schoolfriend. You used to like him but you have heard that he hasn't changed at all over the years. You fear the meeting will be kind of weird.

Ever since the open beta I have read the other bloggers who posted on SW:TOR. I repeatedly considered writing about it myself, but .. somehow those posts were strangely boring. It felt like the bloggers wanted to blog on it but didn't really have anything to say.

My point of view hasn't changed. I expect a nice story - a Bioware story. I also expect some technical polish. I don't know if I will make it to the maximum level - if I do, I am very skeptical about playing it for long at this level. Will SW:TOR be a financial success? Well, unless they have to give George Lucas all the profit, I think so.

But it is hard to be enthusiastic about it at this time. SW:TOR is not the future. It is a remake.

Let's see if playing it for a while changes this opinion.


  1. Unfortunately Nils it won't. You've seen it all before, heard it all before and done it all before. Several times. It feels like yet another time filler until the next WoW arrives.

  2. I don't want a next WoW :)
    I also wonder at this point, if there can ever be an MMO again with the same mass-effect as WoW. WoW's breakthrough was also a very basic one in terms of making a niche genre more mainstream. this is done now - it will never be the same.

    in the future, MMOs must not battle the question of "can MMOs be popular?", but "what new can they bring?" - which is where I point my hopes to GW2.

  3. 'WoW' as in the next big thing. SWTOR unfortunately isn't it and I highly doubt GW2 is. Let's face it, everyone is waiting for Titan.

  4. "Let's face it, everyone is waiting for Titan"

    Hmm no? at this point I seriously doubt that it will be Blizzard who deliver the 'next generation' MMO. I think we'll be surprised by a player we maybe didn't even anticipate.

    As for GW2; it is by and large the only title right now with the 'promise' to change and improve on several, substantial areas. we will see.

  5. For me, it will pass the time until D3 comes out. After that, I will probably stop playing it unless it really grips me somehow. Im not saying it will last or won't, because I (nor anyone else) doesn't know yet. It all depends on BioWare's commitment to the game. If it doesn't last i'll be hack and slashing my way through hordes of mobs in D3 in short time. If it does last, then great, I have a fun game that I can play with friends.

    Also, look at your alternatives. There are a few good games out there, but for me this is the best one since I am not much of a Skyrim fan (which is single player anyway).

  6. When Aion launched as wow killer I told people no its not, you ll be back to wow soon..

    When Rift,Conan, Warhammer, Lotro released I told the same thing..

    I play wow 6+ years and now I am sure that this game it has a bright future.I played in beta and early access..all I can say is that the game is Vanilla/TBC wow with all that this means...

    plus it is fresh game, have voice acting/cutscenes and story that I found really enjoyable. the combat is very enjoyable, the flashpoints are very challenging (except the very first ones). While leveling you will also find a lot of challenging mobs/heroic quests..huge world with better graphics, spaceship with space combat mini game that is very enjoyable and you are not forced to do it..

    pvp have some interesting ideas(compared to wow, I didn't played all MMO's so can't tell if it is something new) for example if you taunt someone in pvp as a tank, for 6 sec he does 30% less damage to anyone except you..

    I ll tell you this, I am not fan of star wars and believe it or not I saw the movies one month before, the new ones..the old movies of 1970-1980 didn't seen them yet.also I don't like lazer pistols and such, I am fan of sword and shield and midieval. I also didn't liked the movies at all, I found them horrible and cheap.

    BUT, the game is really awesome and is the first time after TBC wow that I played 12+ hours without get tired..the first time I had an alarm clock to wake up on morning and continue..think of it Nils, all things you and I and many others didn't liked in wow there isn't in swtor. Cross-realm LFG and random anonymous, asocial people that act like jerks because they can..trivial leveling, locked talent trees, pandaren and sily quests..

    no you will never go and kill pigs in swtor and bring them to a grandmother to make you pie to feed the cats while you are supposed a mighty hero with shiny armor and sword...

  7. Just that I hate games where I am the mighty hero, Giannis :). But otherwise I agree. Now, if I could just actually start the game .. see latest post.

  8. Its exactly this - a nice story. Nothing else really. But the story is good and worth playing just for this.

    Writing about story would spoil the experience and everything else is just your standard theme park