Saturday, December 3, 2011

MMORPG Overview

I just want to make sure you watch this video.
All Your History: MMO Part 4: End Game Content


  1. I'm trying to understand why you wanted us to watch that.

    MMOs make money, some went free to play and made more money, there are some more MMOs coming out in the future that could make money too ...

    Okay ... and what's the hook? It's not like we don't know this already.

  2. Like it says it is an overview. There's nothing spectacular about it. It's just an overview. But it is a nice one I think - even if I don't agree with every notion.

  3. I think Parts 1-4 are good for someone who is not familiar with MMOs, or for someone who is relatively new to the MMO genre.

    Personally, I do not like the Free-to-Play model and usually stray away from such games. I feel that model provides perverse incentives for developers. It becomes more like selling crack on the street than actually captivating an audience with a quality gameplay experience.