Friday, October 21, 2011

WoW Random Thoughts

While playing WoW the last four weeks several ideas came to me. Take these with a grain of salt, please. I'm not going to point out when I am being ironic and when I am serious. This is for you to decide.

As a rogue doing LFD dungeons you need to have combat specc, because this way you can attack two enemies at the same time. This increases your dps dramatically. No other specc comes even near at level 1-40, because single target dps is only important for bosses and bosses are rare and trivial enemies. Groups of mobs, however, are usually pulled as many as possible so that the game is a bit more interesting (for the tank) and then aoed. To do single target dps doesn't make a lot of sense in these situations.

First: This is badly balanced.

Second: Why do rogues (and other classes, like shadow priests for that matter) get their first real aoe damage ability at level 80, when the low level LFD game is all about aoe? Doing single target damage while the tanks do 50% of group damage just by tanking and the mage does another 40% by spamming arcane explosion makes me feel a bit superfluous. Maybe I am?

Third: Combat specc is all about keeping slice and dice up that increases your auto attack damage by 40%. Keeping this buff up is easy and only requires pressing some key every now and then. What is very annoying is to constantly target some enemy, because they die so fast. Please make it so that I don't have to target enemies.

Forth: I love that this low-level game is all about aoe. It is so much fun to see so many numbers on my screen all the time.

Picking loot up - even with auto loot enabled - is a pain in the ass. First, there's rarely time, because to wait for loot pickup would bore the tank even more. So tanks usually don't wait for it. Second, even if there was time, picking everything up after you aoed 10 enemies down takes often more time than actually killing them. Please make it so that every enemy I kill automatically transfers his loot into my backpack.

First: Applying poison should be instant and have no 'cast' time. I am a busy person, playing WoW just because I sometimes (rarely) have a bit time left in my busy life. Please don't waste this little time I have with time sinks.

Second: Why does poison only stack to stacks of 20? Why not 100, or better 1000?

Third: Poison should last forever and should not need to be re-applied after 60 minutes.

Forth: There should be a way that allows me to add poison to my weapons without clicking the poison and then clicking on the weapon. Doing this for two weapons is almost a grind. I get it that this adds some immersion, but we all know how important it is to speed things up.

Why are there non-combat actions that are not instant? This is just a waste of my precious time. (I am a very, very busy person) (Yes, even more busy than you!!). Mounting up should be instant. Picking locks should be instant. Applying poisons should be instant. Moving around while out of combat should be instant. Crafting should be instant. Learning glyphs should be instant. You get the idea.

Why do I have to click on NPCs to get quests? There are several examples in WoW now where you can get quests just pop up when you enter an area. This is so much more convenient than having to click on NPCs first, let alone moving next to them!

Speaking of which. I think I should be able to interact with any NPC I can see on my screen. There's no need to annoy me with having to move next to them!

Sneaking around is fun. Sometimes there are mobs that can detect you being stealthed. If I am much lower level these mobs can actually see me from farther away when I am stealthed than when I am not stealthed. Does that make sense?

Bug: Several items, usually random drops in dungeons, are listed as bind on equip. But as soon as you pick them up, they become soul bound. One example is the Eidolon Talisman.

Bug: Sometimes the minimap button is missing when in a BG.

Bug: When an 'enter battleground' window pops up and that battleground has not started yet, there is a sound bug.

Bug: Sometimes you win a battleground, but gain significantly less honor than the losers, because they killed you more often. Is that working as intended?

The matchmaking sometimes leads to ridiculous results in battlegrounds.

Bug: You get a message that some opponent on the other end of the map just drank something.

Bug: Item stat comparisons are sometimes bugged

I know it's working as intended, but I think monsters, including bosses should be smaller. It just doesn't look good.

Bug: Somebody else yells something, but it looks as if I yelled it.

I hate some BGs.

Bug: Raid leader of the battleground group should not be able to set markers everywhere. Fortunately most leaders don't know that they can do this. Yet.

When I do a class quest and gain a new dagger as reward it should at least be a bit better than the ones I already have. Especially if I do the class quest while having an appropriate level.

Bug: The combat log often lists my ambush like having happened twice.

Level differences have different effects when players fight players. So, there's already special rules. If there already are special rules, why don't remove any level penalties? Is it really good game design to emphasize level differences in BGs even more by making lower level opponents easier to hit and easier to spot (stealth)?

I was a profound enemy of dual specc, because I wanted to roleplay a fire mage and not just a mage. However, now that we have dual specc and won't get single-specc back, I see absolutely no reason to not add triple-specc. Or better multi-specc.
It's not like having to decide on two of three (and sometimes more) speccs is an inherently fun decision. For example, it has prevented me from testing the mutilate-specc as of yet. Most annoying is the fact that you have to change all the key bindings and hotbar configurations when you test a specc.
The current situations in a bad compromise.

Please allow me to reforge at level 1. Also make it accessible from anywhere. There's no reason to have to run to some npc before. I already told you that I am an even more busy person than you and don't have time for that!

Please make my bank space accessible from anywhere. No, wait. Please make my bags larger so that accessing the bank that is accessible from anywhere doesn't look so pointless.

Having to look for some friendly rogue to open a locked box is really dated. It's basically forced grouping! Please remove this annoyance.

Please make the buffs you gain from eating stuff appear instantly. There's no reason to bore me with having to eat for 10 seconds. You know how busy I am!

So I wanted to add that friendly enchanter as a friend to not forget him. But right clicking his portrait didn't work. Neither did right-clicking his name in the chat window work. I had to manually type in /friend XY. Is that some kind of Freudian oversight?

Mounts should be faster. All mounts should move at 500% speed, minimum. I don't care whether the server can send me the data at this speed. I don't look at the environment anyway. Please just make me arrive faster wherever I want to go. (Teleports to all loctions of interest in a town would, of course, be the best).

Many sounds in WoW are brilliantly done. But few are as good as the rogue stun.

Idea: Turn off auto run (num lock) if someone runs against a wall without getting anywhere for more than 2 seconds.

Please make my mail box accessible from anywhere. Just add some icon to the interface. Less time wasted => more time for fun.

Resurrection bug in Warsong.

Stealth icon bugged.


  1. It's hilarious that you're beta testing WoW :)

  2. Yes, it is.

    Oh, wait for my next post. There's going to be an interesting youtube video attached. ;)

  3. (4) Picking locks can already be instant! There's a glyph for it. ;)

    (7) I'm not sure that's a bug. I seem to recall that some time ago they said that BoE blues and up would become soulbound if you won them by rolling need, to thwart people ninjaing valuable loot just to sell. I don't know if that's what happened to you though.

    (11) That screenshot looks very painful for the Alliance!

    (13) Are you sure that's a bug and you're not wearing two of the same ring? :P

    (28) *twitches at imagining the rogue stun sound*

  4. Shintar, do you see intellect anywhere on these rings ? :)

  5. Did you post this on the bug report forum (not that they'll fix it, but there's always a chance).

    The text bubble is deliberate design, I think. When the engine has no idea where to put it, it puts it on your char so it's readable. I find it a lot better than half a bublle clipped by the screen edge.

  6. Dammit it was in the same post:

    you definitely DON'T need to level in combat spec (which is dead boring). I did all my leveling in Sub, which is a lot more fun to play (it's a feral druid with a lot more utility). I always did decent damage and you survive a lot more than in combat spec.
    It also rules in PvE where you can shadowstep and obliterate a mob in 3 seconds with a bit lof luck with crits :)

    You have glyphs to make picklock instant and poison application faster. I've never tried, but it should also be possible to macro something which does the job, like /cast poison, /use <# of weapon slot>, so that you can two-click refresh your poisons.

    AoE looting would be nice. AoE skinning also :)