Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm not a particular fan of Arthur Schopenhauer. On the other hand, I never studied his work.

All the more surprised I was when I lately stumbled over his stratagems. I think everybody who likes writing for the wider audience of the internet, be it blogs, comments or forums, should read this chapter. It's hilariously fun and more relevant than ever.

Arthur Schopenhauer - Stratagems


  1. For it is with victory that you are concerned, and not with truth.


  2. I discovered these rules at my own expense last year when the gigantic feminist blog war erupted on my blog. I wish I had known what a strawman attack and an ad hominem argument were before all that happened. Mind you, I certainly know them now. Very good link though, thanks for that.

  3. It seems to still contain the silent primary conclusion "I am definately right - they simply manouver". That's really the first stratagem. Of this, I know I am right... >:)

  4. I love the fact that trolling goes back to Schopenhauer and as he mentions even Plato.

    I know have a vision of Plato running around in his toga shouting "TLDR, TLDR!"