Thursday, October 13, 2011

But I like the Art

One of the things that World of Warcraft did much better since WotLK is the art. This was at an all time low at TBC and has become ever better since.

The only thing bugging me a bit about this picture is that I am supposed to be holding a dagger in my right hand ..


  1. I used to think the art was pretty bad in BC too, but lately I've been playing through the BC content a lot and I've changed my mind. The art is beautiful in Outland - some of the coolest sceneries in the game can be found there.

    Sure, I'm not a big fan of the sci-fi theme. But when it comes to some areas - especially Blades Edge Mountains - I've changed my mind completely.

  2. While I cannot agree that every expansion was a direct improvement in terms of art (just look at how vanilla landscapes were quite coherent against what they made to them in Cataclysm), this frozen battlefield scene, coupled with the soundtrack and the snowfall has evoked in me some better feelings. It's sad to see such diamonds wasted in what has become a game without meaning.

  3. It could be a Frost Giant's dagger.

  4. And it would be absolutely wonderful if such things existed in WoW, Stabs :)

  5. I still think that vanilla had the most amazing "world architecture". Every hill, every small bridge, ever tree was placed with love. It looked exactly like a world. There were even places which most people never saw, and they were designed with love.

    TBC was an all time low. Every zone was flat. No grass under water. Nothing. The TBC world was created without love. Funny thing is that my two favourite zones are from TBC: Nagrand and Netherstorm. The "art" of those zones was beautiful. if you stayed at the correct places and didn't look under water or on the flying rocks.

    WotLK/Cata put more love into the buildings and stuff but the zones themself don't reach the level of detail of vanilla.