Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Readers

Dear readers,

as you know I don't really have many MMO topics to blog about recently. The industry is just not producing the games I would like to play. This may change eventually, and I certainly hope so. Until then I will switch to a politics blog.

Unfortunately, the blog's name doesn't make much sense then; nor does it make a lot of sense to be listed in all kinds of MMO-blogrolls, when you write about non-MMO stuff.

I thought about two options. One is to create the "Nils' Politics Blog" and link it from here, because I certainly want to take a few readers with me. Blogging without readers is boring. The second option is change this blog into a blog about MMOs, politics and economics. I can change everything except for the URL to be "Nils' Blog".

To say this very clearly: I am not quitting MMO blogging. I am just having a break.

Anyway, what do you think I should do ?


  1. I'm actually having a similar problem. There isn't much for me to blog about that hasn't already been discussed, and there isn't any particular game that I'm following right now. I don't know if it's better to post other topics or to take a break until things pick up again.

  2. I think you will retain more of your readership from RSS feeds and mmo inclined individuals if you stay on the current URL. Doubly so if you plan on returning to mmo blogging eventually

  3. I don't think politics and MMO goes good together. (Actually politics doesn't go good together with anything :) In my opinion the cleaner solution would be to run two blogs.

    I'm not interested in foreign political topics on an international blog and my RSS reader doesn't offer a way to only show the MMO topics.

  4. @Kring

    I disagree. There's muddy "HURR DURR STUPID TORIES/LABOUR/LIB DEMS/LIBERALS/TEA PARTY/REPUBLICANS" shit-slinging that people like to call politics but is really no more than hyper-charged flamewars, and then there's actual, decent discussion of politics, especially if you discuss theory and ideology in relation to current events.

    People always go on about how they don't want politics or whatever being discussed in a gaming environment because it causes so much strife. It's pathetic. I'm a statist leftie, but a lot of my friends are liberal conservatives (I'm using classical definitions here, not polluted Americanisms) and we have political arguments...and at the end we all walk away and have a nice sandwich and a beer at a local café and talk about other things. People need to learn how to argue and debate from a detached point of view, not avoid the subject altogether. You're not solving the problem, just refusing to face up to it.

    So I say go ahead and keep up the politics (and the economics, if it's something you're interested in, although I find it rather dull at the best of times.) It's a much more interesting topic to talk about over variations on the theme of "feature XYZ in game ABC."

  5. Start a new blog! I'd love to stay subscribed to this one in case you ever come back to it a year or two from now. Not sure how I'd find out about that otherwise.

    But I certainly don't want to listen to you talk about politics!

  6. I vote for starting a new blog. Some people just don't want to read about politics.

    And, don't give up hope. Maybe I'll give you something to talk about soon. :)


    Anyone? C'mon, I have a chant going here.

    I suggest doing the political thing to do: redefine MMO to suit your needs, then keep the same title.

    "People need to learn how to argue and debate from a detached point of view, not avoid the subject altogether. You're not solving the problem, just refusing to face up to it."
    I second this. It seems strange to me that these issues are important enough to enrage us, but not important enough to talk about.

    Perhaps the problem is that we treat politics too much like religion: "These are my views and they are right and anyone who thinks otherwise is a doomed heretic."

  8. That's a fine 50:50 split. You are not helping! ;)

    I decided to transform the blog into a "Blog about MMOs and everything else". The name is "Nils' Blog" now.

    Psychochild: Go go go ! ;)

  9. Cool -- so if its 50/50 then I can break the tie? (I vote for a new blog).

    And feel free not to restrict yourself to current events -- the general philosophy and history of politics, economics, and sociology are always a fun diversion (imo).

  10. You're too late, John.
    But thanks for the opinion :)

  11. Lol -- nvm. I should read more than one line of something before replying. I failed to notice you had already decided.


  12. After some story on TV, I just wanted to say that if you dislike the pernicious effects of money and RMT on MMOs, you shall be very disappointed in politics.


    Regardless, I am looking forward to some good reading. TIA