Thursday, July 7, 2011

Abstract Games

Yesterday I stumbled upon this game. A wonderful combination of strategy, execution and some really nasty tricks on the designer's part. .. Careful, it's highly addictive.

Oh - and try to beat me ;)


  1. Awesome!!!

    16.468 so far. Great work game.

  2. Argh - way to waste time for the ENTIRE family - and to unleash those (semi)hidden competitive streaks! I might be cross as I have no twitch and can't even get to 4 seconds... :)

  3. 21 Seconds! Although to be fair I have actually seen a game just like this somewhere and played it a good ammount.

  4. Quixotic, if you can't make 13 seconds you have the wrong strategy. You don't actually have to move much to get there. You just move to four safe positions.
    Only after that does twitch become important.

    Dimli. 21 seconds is extremely impressive in my opinion ;)

  5. I got 26.8 seconds but I suspect I got it that far due to my computer is kinda of ancient - so, it's slow down, even for most of Flash games. Fun game, tho'!

  6. On my computer, I'd say that 26 seconds is not possbile for a human being ;)

  7. 18.002 so far for me but I'm on a laptop and it is 3:30am...

  8. 19.343. Took me a sweet while to post since I had to beat your time first ;)

    Great fun!

  9. It took me about five plays to get past three seconds. Once I figured out where to go to pass that 18 seconds seemed pretty easy. 19.472 was my best.

    What are the safe positions you are talking about?

  10. Sthenno, this is what I do till 13 seconds:

    1) move down to escape the blocks in the beginning

    2) top left and wait for several seconds

    3) bottom left

    4) lower center

    At that point the blocks move too fast for me and I can't find any locations that are safe for more than one second, so I just evaded and tried to beat 18 s ;)