Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Warcraft Movie

I going to see it tonight. But I read some reviews before that.

 But the most troubling thing about Garona isn’t her cheap aesthetic, or her flat affect, or even the fact that the film’s plot would be almost completely unchanged if she were erased from it entirely. No, the most troubling thing about Garona is that a human man had sex with a female orc in order to bring her into this world (even the “Warcraft” community is confused about her lineage, and yet the film bafflingly assumes that it won’t be a problem for newcomers).
I doubt anyone at Blizzard & Universal considers this a major problem. Afterall it's "gameplay first". Who cares about immersion or logic or that stories make any sense as long as the audience is engaged by adrenaline, raw speed and lots of strong colors?

Of course, I do have to watch the movie anyway. :)

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