Sunday, June 5, 2016

I like the Warcraft Movie!

Turns out I was wrong to trust the reviews

The Warcraft movie is good. Not phenomenal, but good. A very solid fantasy movie, especially compared to other fantasy movies, of which 90% are crap. Especially considering how bad it could have been!
Most interestingly, my wife liked it too. And she has never play Warcraft anything. So did a friend of hers.

Is the movie perfect? No. It has flaws, like those that many reviewers called out. But those flaws don't really weigh all that heavy. I honestly wish that they made a second (and third ..) movie. The Warcraft story until the end of WotLK is pretty good - and even more so if the movie takes the chance to improve a bit on it.

Finally, the story of Arthas is not easy to tell well. But if it is, it has a huge potential!

And, finally, watching that movie made me wish Blizzard made a solo RPG in the World of Warcraft. There's some potential there, too. It's a pity to leave all the AAA solo open-world RPGs to Bethesda.

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  1. I had the same reaction. Having seen the very negative reviewscores on rotten tomato and metacritic i did not gave high hopes for the movie. While it is true that it is not a filmmaking masterpiece, it was a very enjoyable movie. If you dislike the high fantasy aestaethic, I dont think you will like the movie too much. But if you are willing to buy into the premises of the movie and its high fantasy setting, the story is fine enough to hold suspension, and the action and visuals are just amazing.
    In my mind it best compares to something like Avatar. Serviceable story (Avatar was just poca hontas), and an interesting and engaging world. I was very engaged in both movies.