Sunday, July 24, 2011

Giannis' comment

Giannis made an interesting comment earlier today. It's great to have a Greek actually share his opinion, I think. I'll get at the comment paragraph for paragraph.

Nils I just wanted to make clear that is not Greece that are saved but the big banks of europe and the whole Europe..because of what you said..
After Greece would be Portugal and then Spain and then Italy, it would start a domino of bankrupt..
I think both are saved. If all banks defaulted, Greece wouldn't be in good shape, either. In fact, there would probably be a civil war for power and food. If you think the current economic crisis is bad, what do you think it will be like when nobody can get any more money from the banks, and the money runs out, and the food runs out, because nobody has an incentive to import food anymore?

Although as Greek I want to inform you and your readers,in case they don't know, that Greek people have the lowest wages by far in europe..all the money greece is missing are stolen money from illegal business our politicians had with corporations.
Nobody questions that many Greek politicians, and bureaucrats are corrupt. But that's really the Greeks' fault. I can't do much about it when they elect the wrong guys again and again for decades.

In conclusion Greece has one of the lowest debts in Europe..Italy have a Debt almost ten times more than Greece. The reason they attacked Greece is that our politicians "wanted to be attacked" and they managed to succeed this with purpose.
Erm, you need to look at debt per GDP. It makes no sense to look at absolute debt. Italy is the third biggest economy of the Euro zone, of course they have more debt. They have more people and these people, on average, produce more valuable goods/services.Thus they have an easier time repaying the debt.

Germany, actually has a little more debt than Italy in absolute terms, but there are more Germans and on average they produce more valuable goods/services. Thus, Germany is probably not going to default anytime soon. Another reason is that, in a shared effort, Germany's parties put a paragraph into the constitution a few years ago that demands a balanced budget. And so far all parties seem very serious about it.

The reason is that if our people is fall to unemployment and hungry, they can do some things without having opposition..they want to sell greece in the 1/100 of the real price and to show us this as a solution to our problems..
I think that is a conspiracy theory of yours. I don't think it is possible to plan something like this, even if a majority of the politicians wanted to.

Nevermind, my purpose wasn't to offend you, if you watched the news you would see million greeks on the streets trying to throw away of the country the thiefs politicians. And the Eyrope know very well that they are thiefs, but as I said they do business with them, they sell submarines, airplanes, e.t.c.
I saw that and I symphatize. But what next? If the Greek people presented to the EU a new government + bureaucracy with new and trustworthy people that are not going to waste our money, the EU would love to help you with the revolution. I'd go on the streets for that here in Germany. The problem is that you don't have an alternative.

Let's assume you do a revolution and throw your politicians out of the country. .. Then what? Will the new politicians be better? Why?

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  1. Well its me again :P

    It is not conspiracy theories of mine :P there is a good documentary out there with the name "The Shock Doctrine".It would be nice if anyone could see it as I think it describes very well how the "free market" started to destroy countries.

    My theory is that when the communism was strong, Capitalism tried to bribe the people by throwing easy money to the market, mostly by loans...when the communism fell, the capitalims started to show its real face.

    I am not a communist but I don't like "free market"...something between of them.

    I have also quoted something you said and would like to clear it out.

    Nill Said :
    "Nobody questions that many Greek politicians, and bureaucrats are corrupt. But that's really the Greeks' fault. I can't do much about it when they elect the wrong guys again and again for decades"

    I ll try to explain how the system of elections work in Greece.

    Lets say that the people who vote are 100.The government need 42% to elect, that mean 42 people must vote the government.

    but here is the trick, it needs 42% from the people that WILL vote.If from 100 people, 40 don't go to vote, then the goverment needs the 42% of 60 people, so 26..

    And the problem is that in Greece people do not believe in any of the politicians and they don't even bother to go to vote.about 40-50% of the Greeks don't vote, because they don't believe any of the politicians..we are traped and no one have the courage to start something new, so the others will follow.

    Yes you can say that many greeks are stupid, yes maybe we don't have the courage to fight with more power against the corrupted system.And this is our only fault. We are not lazy and we are not thiefs.We work more hours than other Europians and thats what Eurostat said, not me.

    The current president of ours are half American Half Greek. He raised in America, he went high school and college in America. When he try to speak the Greek Language everybody laughs.He don't know to speak Greek very well but he can speak the English excellent.

    I am sure that our government play a dirty game against Greek people and against europe also and doing so in favor of americans.

    Sorry for my terrible English, I hope you understand what I saying and I would like to say it better.