Monday, July 11, 2011

The Future is All Around Us

You know, politics should be as credible and consistent as possible and as little as necessary. Just like MMOs, it's not.
But since MMOs are still boring as hell, I'll just blog about whatever comes to my mind. Just consider real life a really stunning MMO until GW2 or so.

Also, I am in an adventurous mood right now, which is why I will predict three things.

1) Republicans will eventually offer a 90 day compromise. The president will reject it, arguing that things won't be easier in 90 days, but rather much harder, since the election is even nearer. He will then cite the 14th amendment and order Mr. Geithner to ignore congress. There will be a lot of crying going on. But since Republicans know very well that this is the best possible way out of the hole they dug, they will accept it.

2) Italy will not go broke. But my chancellor will continue giving my money away. In a few years a lot of anti-europe parties will be elected in EU countries. A few weeks after this has happened in France, four countries (Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Finland plus some smaller ones) will "declare independence" and create a "new euro zone". There will be some havoc in southern Europe, but no civil wars.

3) A few years later China goes up in fire and, as a consequence, so does the rest of the world.

Have a nice week ;)


  1. So this my stretch my poli sci / macroecon muscles, but:

    1) We will raise our debt ceiling. US politicians may be .... self-aggrandizing, but they aren't suicidal (yet).

    2) Italy won't default, but the EU is in a downward spiral.

    3) Learn Mandarin. And Cantonese. And Tibetan.

    And buy gold. Lots of it. As you may know from my blog ... I'm a pessimist :)

  2. Uh-Oh's a good thing none of us can see what's truly in the glass ball, huh? ;)
    I actually think that I live in one of the best places you could be at the moment. and when it comes to premonitions, I rather stick to small scale -

    Tonight I will have a lovely BBQ. Next week I will get a new bike. In two weeks, I will be off to holidays with good friends.
    and those are the things that matter the most in the end, for our own lives, are they not. :)

  3. Well believe it or not, I can see into the future. The sun will expand into a red giant, the earth will overheat, the atmosphere will burn away, all life will be destroyed, and the cycle will begin anew somewhere else in the Universe.

    The best part?

    We'll all be reincarnated as animated characters in someone else's game on some other planet. Cool.

  4. At that point we'll celebrate the stellar firework from a safe distance. ;)

  5. Unfortunately, the only thing that's hyper-inflating around my parts is my mortgage...