Sunday, May 22, 2011

Plastic Rear Spoilers

Bhagpuss just posted two links into Tobold's comments section.
(1) and (2).

So, the average MMO player is in his 30s and has a comparatively good education. Seems I am average for a change. Nice.


After having played The Witcher 2 for some time now, I just wanted to resubscribe to Rift. Rift is my 'current MMO' right now, although it does have its many problems. I mostly just level up 50 and then make a new toon. I also do excessive BG-PvP. I don't really play it as a RPG, but more like a distracting PvP-action game. Not at all the kind of MMORPG I'd actually like to play, so I take long breaks. I always unsubscribe just after I resubscribed - just in case I forget it later.

So I just wanted to resubscribe again for a month and do some cheap, distracting BG-PvP without any emotional bonding to my character or even much social stuff going on. But I didn't.

I didn't, because Trion first told me about my
River of Souls Event Reward Pack.
Thanks for spoiling the rest of the evening for me. And making me write a rage-blog post instead. This is ridiculous! I get rewarded with a soul-reward-pack!!?
For what?

This is like buying a new BMW and just before I buy it, you tell me that it even has this plastic rear spoiler in rainbow colors !!!

And not enough. After that I got told that I can update to the collector's edition and get exclusive in-game items. Reading this my body temperature rose by 1° and I rage-quit the re-subscription process.

Most players are my age and similarly educated? I feel this is hard to believe looking at these ridiculously cheap psychological tricks that seem to work on them while diminishing my gaming experience. I feel offended.


  1. Not sure why you are raging about the event pack. Every Rift player world-wide got the event pack as apology for Trion messing up with phase 3 of the event which was over in 30 minutes.

    As their response they gave everyone this pack to make up for the event not having been 100% optimal for all players.

  2. Apologizing by giving out bytes that cost them exactly nothing is a really bad way of apologizing, isn't it?

    Either they think that giving everybody these 'items' makes the game better or they don't.

    If they don't think that it makes the game better, they should never give it out. If they do think that it makes the game they should have given this stuff out, anyway.

    And to call it a "reward", is just another insult.