Thursday, May 5, 2011

I got loot?

Just realized that in Rift leveling I don't care about green loot. I have AE-auto-loot on and all loot is collected in my bags. Then, later, I go to a merchant and sell everything. click,click,click. I get a few coins that I could very well do without, but why waste it?

I sometimes try to make sure that I don't sell an upgrade, but mostly I cannot be bothered.

Now, am I old, strange or just too lazy to play Rift? I somehow feel like green loot while leveling has no appeal after level 10. And I cannot imagine this being a design intend (?)

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  1. I also sold a lot of the green stuff (including the pieces I could equip) during levelling. I think the reason is that as the gear level increases the stats increase at a much slower rate than WoW for example, so there isn't that much difference between gear within say 5 levels. And that's one thing I like about Rift, at 50 I don't feel disproportionately more powerful than at level 10 and I think that helps to keep me immersed in the game. After all, why should I be so much more powerful just because I have been playing for longer? Obviously I'd like to be more powerful but not to the ridiculous extremes of WoW.

  2. The low value of the green armor/weapons is compounded by the low value of runebreaking mats, and the high cost of auctioning the greens. If you're not a runecrafter it's probably just as well to vendor them.

    The green crafting mats, on the other hand, are worth auctioning, as are artifacts (even white ones), because the auction fees are negligible.

    I agree with Dave the slower gear inflation is nice.

  3. Hehe, brilliant Dave. *applaudes*

    You just took my criticizm and turned it into somewthing that I absolutely agree with.

    But here's my proposal: Why doesn't Trion scale back the amount of items you get? I change my items much too often to care about it.

    Also, I don't know why, but the auction house doesn't really work on my server. I never sell anything there. Maybe other people don't care about their equipment as well, while leveling? Now would that be good? I don't think so.

    I absolutely agree that loot should not be very powerful. But I also want it to matter on an emotional basis. I think the frequency of loot distribution is the key.

  4. Green gear is not so useful in Rift, except for rings and necklaces. After I reached Scarlet Gorge I used only blues while leveling my rogue. My equipped blues were always better than green drops and quest rewards.
    I rare managed to sell any green drops on AH, so I assume other people also doesn't care for them.

  5. But here's my proposal: Why doesn't Trion scale back the amount of items you get? I change my items much too often to care about it.

    Totally agree with that, greens do drop too often and at a rate were they become trash-like.

    As for the AH, I came to the conclusion that as greens do drop often and gear inflation is low, they probably wouldn't sell that well on the AH as every player has a plentiful supply anyway so I didn't bother. What does sell very well though (at least on my server) is crafting materials - I have mining, butchering and outfitter and as I obviously don't need the metals I have great success selling them on the AH, enough to fund the level 50 mount before I hit 50 :)

  6. Just for clarity, when I said:

    I also sold a lot of the green stuff (including the pieces I could equip) during levelling.

    I meant:

    I also vendored a lot of the green stuff (including the pieces I could equip) during levelling.

  7. There a game "Bards Tale" (not the original one ,but action-rpg with same tile)- mobs dropped loot -all the regular stuff ,swords, armor, jewelry, but when you were collecting it (it was aoe auto collect too) it was turning automagically into gold. Which was funny by itself and served to highlight that all that loot drops is just a hassle of inventory management and nothing else

    p.s. Btw I greatly recommend the game for brilliant humor and fun gameplay.

  8. I was recently playing Torchlight and encountered the same problem. It's a very different style of game, obviously, but basically I just picked up everything I saw and then sold it all to the vendors and very quickly I stopped even looking at whether it was an upgrade or not.

    Then I played some Diablo 2 and found that while I left most of the things that dropped on the ground rather than picking them up at all, I spent more time looking at the things I never picked up then I spent looking at things I did pick up in Torchlight.

    This is a fairly narrow experience from which to draw broad conclusions, but I suspect that having a more limited capacity to carry things - and thus actually having to choose what we pick up and what we don't - makes us care more about the things we carry.

  9. I'm of the opinion that the random drop system should generally be done away with. Not in games where it is established, mind you, but newer titles should really do away with this sort of thing. I mean, am I realistically going to pick up ever boar snout I see when I kill a boar? Hell no. Neither is it believable that the same boar will drop an axe.

    I'll agree with the poster above me, in which you run into scenarios where you aren't even paying attention to the things you pick up, they just take up space until you have to sell them.

    I'm suddenly curious how those vendor trash items from games like WoW factor into the game's economy.