Friday, October 1, 2010

Kill 'em all

When Blizzard started with Cataclysm one designer tried to convince the others that they should let all 80s die in a spectecular event and then really restart the game. The fear was that they would never be able to add enough high end content while also redesigning the entire game.

Anyway, this was mentioned in some interview - probably by Ghostcrawler. I wanted to write a post about it, but unfortunately I cannot find it anymore. So perhaps I have just dreamt it ...

Can somebody of you remeber it or even find the link?


  1. I am pretty sure you dreamed that up as no sane publisher would ever do that to MMO.

    Though they could add "fresh" servers which would achieve pretty much same result for those who want it

  2. No, no. I am pretty sure I read it somewhere. Of course, Ghostcrawler said that they would 'obviously' not do this. But it was an idea mentioned by a dev.

    Perhaps I'll find the link later on. I think it would have been a fascinating idea.