Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blizzard, are you joking?

The first BG bracket that new players will enter is the opposite of balanced. It is a joke. A sad one.

A new lvl 10 mage does not only get 1-hitted, but actually 1/3 hitted. If necessary, several times during a stun.

While a lvl 10 mage should not exspect to rock in there, this is in stark contrast to the PvE environment that makes you fall asleep (and wonder about those pro-tips in the tooltips that are obviously totally unnecessary). If I were a new player just having played my first BG against those heirloom twinks, I stopped playing instantly.
Really, Blizzard: Cut damage by 75% for all players and reduce power progression if anyhow possible.

WoW is not just endgame raiding! Especially new players need to like the low-lvl game to ever reach the end game!

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