Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EVE Online ?

In the future this blog might occasionally cover some of EVE Online. After two days of very interesting, but eventually disappointing discussions on Tobolds blog, I figured that the EVE community is reason enough to give it one more try.

My last comment at Tobolds latest post:

With a heavy heart, I agree, Phedre.

I too, am downloading the EVE client right now. Not because I learned something new about EVE. I still dislike the skills system and the RMT. I still consider mining boring and the GUI abysmal.

I will give EVE another try, because during the last few days we could see two kinds of commenters here.

The first kind tried to argue, give reasons, tried to listen and then write a comprehensive answer.
The other kind usually posted something like: "You cannot argue with me; everybody has the right to his own opinion. Full Stop."

Tobold himself somehow felt attacked and took cover behind a 10m thick wall of stone. He unconsciously blocked every comment and every argument that appeared to be 'against him'. He even went so far to assert that he ventured into 0.0 just to be killed. So that he could then argue that EVE is about ganking and bullying.
You get several warnings before you reach 0.0. Just like in WoW, once you are there (alone in the capital of the other faction), you get killed fast. If it is about exploration: Safe space in EVE is vast! And even in WoW if you go out adventuring – even on a PvE server – you will get killed once you are in Wintergrasp!
I don't get how somebody, who is able to write so elegantly, can actually try to take cover behind such a laughable argument.

The current plan is to find some good corp in 0.0 that accepts relative newbies. The most important thing to me is to actually be useful as soon as possible with the new char. Main interests are economics and PvP. I am online 18-22 CET and most weekends.


  1. Try EVAQ8 aka Evacuation Empire They accept newbies and just moved to nulsec as renters and in a previous corporate formation were what got me hooked on nulsec in Eve.

  2. Good luck, Nils! Hope you find some fun, and the skilltraining doesn't get you down too much.

    Consider trying out a W-space corporation. The environment is sometimes described as "nullsec lite", since the mass transit limits on wormholes make it reassuringly hard to move capital ships through links into adjacent systems.

    There are lots of good medium-sized corps out there, colonising W-space, managing infrastructure in their wormhole systems, and defending it from other players.

    Think of it as Eve does Space 1999 - wormhole systems regularly disconnect from their neighbours and throw up new links across the cluster. Wait 18 hours and you could have a fresh w-space neighbour in which to attack Sleepers or protect against attack other players, a link to deepest nullsec to pop out and harass the locals through, or a connection two jumps from Jita.

    Pilots also tend to manufacture items into the wormholes, since there are minerals in there, and the Sleeper drops are used to manufacture Tech 3 ships.

    Some corps just pop in on short jaunts. Others colonise deeper systems and maintain a permanent presence.

    Must stop talking about it, I'm starting to feel the urge to rejoin my old corp. ;)

  3. Also, AGONY UNLEASHED They are a PvP Training Corp. They are outstanding and their training is top notch.

  4. Thanks for the advice!
    I am really looking forward now :)

  5. The two organizations I would mention are Eve University (http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Eve_University), which trains new players in many aspects of the game, or OUCH, a newer organization focused on teaching nullsec survival training and PvP (http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1236330).

  6. Nils, I hope you will make a post on the subject of fair and unfair PvP, going into the level of detail that you (and David) covered in the comments ye made in Tobold's post. The theorising in those comments was extremely interesting, but so interspersed with other discussions as to be impossible to link to.
    I think such a post here would be a valuable reference that many would refer to; and not just now but for years to come.

  7. I have enough ideas about what to blog to fill a life time. Problem usually is to actually post something that is iterated enough to be valuable. Especially if it's a rather tricky concept as fair/unfair PvP.
    Really catching the important parts of a past 'discussion' without making too many superfluous words is a lot of work and I usually tend to look forward instead.

    On the other hand I do agree with you that there were a few ideas at Tobolds blog that were truly wasted should they just remained in the comments section.

  8. I'm glad to hear you'll be giving EvE a try. Agony, EvEUni and OUCH are all great options. I'd also suggest you hop in the 'eve-bloggers' channel in game. You'll find a very helpful and knowledgeable community there.