Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Great Scam

This is a story of deception, intrigue, and doublecrossing. It is a story of liars, bandits, and greed. It is a story of the worst of the human condition, and how the motive for profit will drive a normally nice guy to the deepest depths of evil and betrayal.

This is the story of my life in Eve Online.

Is scamming the reason I like sandbox games? I believe .. no.
Especially, since this story takes place too much in real life for my taste.
But then, it is so well written and so engaging that it just deserves to be spread around.


  1. This was actually the story that got me into EvE originally. That was over 4 years ago now. I have since heard that its actually not a true story but its such good fun to read who cares?

  2. Shouldn't be surprise that the writer of the story scammed us :)