Friday, April 19, 2013

Three Types of Games

There are three types of games.

First: Players create avatars in a virtual world. These avatars compete against each other (levels, equipment).

Second: Players improve their skills while playing the game (chess, first person shooters, soccer). They compete directly against each other.

Third: Players spend money while playing. He who spends most wins.

Question: what kind of game do you like most?
Fake question: what kind of game do you like least? ;)

PS: When I say "compete" I also mean the competition for prestige inside a team. This doesn't necessarily mean PvP.


  1. But time is money, being able to win because you have more time for grinding is pay to win, too.

    Third b: Players spend time playing. He who spends most wins.

  2. I like Co-op games preferably in a virtual world but the latter is not exclusive.

    Spending money is definitely more unjustified as apposed to spending time, since free time abundance is better spread out amongst the populace, as apposed to money abundance. Plus in most games that require money skill is somewhat more irrelevant than in those games that require time as it currently stands, and that is another reason why time intensive games feel just, since they differentiate time spending capable players by skill level.

  3. Prefered type of game : The 2)
    Worst type : 1 and 3

    In fact I would do a simpler separation :
    competition on player skill, VS competition on personage power.
    I am not interested in competition based on personage power - whatever the mean to achieve this power.
    But overall I am not a very competive person, at least not againt other people. But I love to solve problem, and other player provide the best problem : complex, evolutive/adaptative, always new, etc...For me Beating them is only interesting as they create a interesting problem.
    You seems right, I shall be in the weird 10% ;-)

  4. To fake question: I don't like games that are simple tests of "the one with the greatest X automatically wins" (where X can be 'time spent', 'money spent', 'reaction speed', etc.)

    To real question: I like complex and balanced games. Such a game, when played between two players of equal talent, skill and investment, would give both an equal chance to win. Furthermore, assuming that all other parameters are equal (they never are), it would favor a more talented player over a less talented one, a skillful player over a skill-less one, an experienced player over a newbie and one who spent more money over a F2Player, yet never to the point where the outcome becomes predetermined. Finally, it should be diverse enough to allow players to choose their own level of involvement.

    ...I guess what I'm really trying to say here is that I really like Magic: the Gathering, and that I feel that many other games could learn from its strengths.

  5. @Kring

    Despite what Jim said, which is true, I would also add that someone with lot of time and money can also use his money to win. Its not exclusive to those who strungle to find free time.

    Now on the topic, I prefer the virtual world. Either with skill or level/equipment. I also think that there is a tiny amount of games that are actually based on skill. All others just pretend or advertise about it.

  6. 2>1>3

    Imagine playing a sport like soccer or football (american) worked like option 1 haha.

    Imagine politics worked like option 3. Oh wait, it does.

  7. It's easy to win arguments when you frame them like an eight year old trying to get their parents to buy them a toy.

  8. There are three types of bloggers:

    First: Those who don't post for weeks at a time.

    Second: Those who like lists.

    Third: Those who are fond of oversimplification to try to prove their point.

    You might note these are not exclusive categories. ;)

    1. Fourth: Those who have real lives. Still not exclusive.

  9. Question: what kind of game do you like most?

    The one I have the most fun when I play.

    Fake question: what kind of game do you like least? ;)

    The one I have the least fun when I play.

    Was it a trick question?

  10. "There are three types of games.

    Question: what kind of game do you like most?"

    Trick question. There are not 3 types of games.

  11. Hahah, frustration shows. Bernard is right, though. ;D