Friday, November 9, 2012

Little bit on Politics

If Obama had been elected by Germans he had scored a 'socialist'-like 95% result.

This is because he is a socialist, of course. And because his opponent was one of the most ridiculous candidates I can even imagine. Even his own party is very happy right now that they can finally stop pretending to like him (let alone pretending to know what he actually wanted to do with his presidency).

Of course, the US are doomed now. Soon the government will not only have the right to put you into prison because you might be a terrorist, but they will now take your money, too!

As for MMOs, I might be forced into WoW again. As a level 20 warrior who does quests (at least I'm human!). She thinks it's boring, but still wants to play it (even after I've shown her the South Park episode). Obviously, Blizzard did something right .. I just don't know what !?

PS: If you want to read a strong German opinion on the state of the US, have fun: "Divided States of America - Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation".
I think it's similar to all the US articles on the decline of Europe ;).


  1. Nils, nice to see you back on the blogosphere bud.

    The truth is, Romney wasn't such a bad guy. He pulled too far right during the primaries and could never recover enough moderates to win the election. However, if he hadn't, he may have lost the primary and it would have been "Obama Vs. some loony".

    As for the state of the US. Its been bad at other times as well. However, our failure to focus on infrastucture becomes very apparent when you visit europe. In terms of the overall strength of the economy, I would argue that compared to Europe, the US is actually sitting pretty right about now. I think we are poised in a much stronger position than Europe is as a whole. Leadership is our biggest problem right now, if we can fix that problem, nothing can stop us.

  2. Obviously, USA system is doomed either way!

    The question is mostly will it happen slowly like Japanese "Lost Decade", or it will be triggered by some kind of catastrophic collapse - either financial or WW3.

  3. A few years ago when California elected the Democratic governor instead of the Republican, I read more than one place say how the state was DOOOOOOOMED because there would be no fiscal responsibility. Here we are a few years later and the governor has looked long and hard at the problems facing the state and has come up with a plan. This most recent election had one element: an increase on taxes that was passed by a popular vote. If this had not passed, there would have been some mandatory cuts to the state budget.

    California still exists and will continue on. The U.S. will continue to exist for years to come. Perhaps we won't be the world's police/bully/whatever you want, but we'll survive and move on.

  4. I am glad Obama won. Not because I had a specific preference for one or the other, but simply because it seems that presidents do better in their second term.

    They have no elections to worry about, and can simply deal with being president for the next four years. And they have learned some already from the first four years.

  5. To be honest, by our standards here Obama is still pretty much 'middle' ;) certainly not a socialist or 'left' the way we understand it. he is still conservative on lots of things and would be waaaaay 'right' compared to our socialist politicians.

    which makes it all the more humorous to read socialism outcries in the US. I wonder what these people would do if they lived in one of the northern European countries lol.