Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skyrim Voice Acting

I'm trying not to be too fanboish about Skyrim. Because I hate people who are like that.

And I will eventually return from emotional fact gathering to rational analysis.

But for now, I have to show you one of those tiny parts of the game that stand out. It's not the graphics this time, as consoles don't allow high-resolution textures, which are important if something is right next to you (and Youtube is incapable of showing off graphics, anyway).

Also, please note that this is in no way connected to any quest whatsoever. I'm sneaking through a temple of fanatics, as I am used to in computer games. Skyrim doesn't have any morale system and this dungeon is not even part of the main story line, as far as I know. This monologue is without any consequence at all. And that's what makes it so great!


  1. Related: Based on the snippets you've posted here (I feel you do an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere), the voicing is spot-on. However, the immediate notice was the musical score. I really feel immersed, and that's as a viewer, thanks to the composer.

    Unrelated: Whenever I click your vids, I always open them in a new window (I like the expanded view, but find full screen obtrusive). I know your blog has heavy foot-traffic, but yet when opening the vid on YouTube proper, I am always the 0th-5th viewer. Does YouTube not track viewings outside of their domain?

  2. Ahtchu, many people read my blog at work. And at many peoples' work watching private youtube videos is unappropriate.

    Sometimes they watch them later, but often they don't. It's a bit sad, but there's not much I can do about it, I fear.