Monday, January 31, 2011

Minecraft Got Me

Minecraft got me. Suddenly, unexspected. I have no idea why. Combat in Minecraft is rudimentary at best. I play it in single player right now, with the usual psychological penalthies to 'meaning'.

The graphics are .. not even rudimentary: They are terrbile. I usually don't care about architecture and I am not really a builder in any MMORPG. And still, I cannot stop thinking about about how to keep those monsters off. Another moat? A stair to the sky? How deep can I dig? Did I find a dungeon!! Another trap for monsters? How can I get the cattle inside the fence? Is it night again? I need more coal!

If this game doesn't have some influence on virtual worlds I seriously don't know what will! Think about this kind of gameplay wrapped inside a meaningful virtual world!

Do you know how expensive it is to have designers create castles for you and allow you to put them on some prepared ground? Very expensive - and inferior! Let the community build the castle! Give me rights to touch that part of the castle, add guards so other players cannot touch our castle without repercussions .. Slow everything down a bit, make the cubes smaller, and .. grand new world ;)

Honesty, take the sandbox from minecraft, the item crafting from "A Tale in the Desert", the combat gameplay from Word of Warcraft and the economy and community building from EVE Online. Put everything inside a polished(!) AAA-MMORPG virtual world and you will drown in money! This game is a milestone in C-gaming. I'd almost call it next-gen virtual world, if that weren't so silly.

If you haven't bought minecraft yet, do it now! Those 15€ are really, really worth it! Even if only for understanding what everybody is talking about. Just take a look at the tutorial videos on the page and off you go. Don't miss this.


  1. hehe :) welcome

    if you decide to run a multiplayer server, please do say - i'd be glad to mine with you

  2. I'll just say this: creepers are assholes.

  3. The problem with minecraft is that its very primitive. It would be hard to make triple A looking world and still have same freedom as minecraft does. Then it would be 10 times as hard to make that world work with 10k+ players playing it concurrently

    And that is just the basic part. The parts when you add WoW combat and EvE dynamics will bury one on their own as well

    Now If some1 had $50 mill for budget . Then maybe. But those kind of budgets go to wow clones now (rift) and swtor

  4. I adore minecraft! Several guildies, including hubby and self have a minecraft server we veg on a bit after a raid.