Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Ragequit at Spiegel Online

A ragequit in Germany's most popular online news site.

Google Translation


Little bit late and far from a deep analysis. But still fun to read; at least the original ;)


  1. I read the initial part in google translate. Quite impressive translation, I must admit.

    As for the content, I got bored after the first paragraph. I'll be clear and direct: another uninformed idiot whining about how it was great in the past and how easy is today. I could tear apart his arguments but I honestly won't bother. It's the kind of players it's better to have playing elsewhere, so good bye and good riddance.

    And I love the end (and the google translation of it):

    "Correction: An earlier version was read this article, the maximum level in "World of Warcraft" amounts to 80th He currently lies with 85th We apologize for this error."

    Talk about being informed :)

  2. Lol, thanks for that. Certainly an... unusual place to find that kind of rant.

  3. Awww. He should have waited out 2 more months, then he could directly transition to the next blizzard game that he will eventually rage quit from.

  4. LOL brilliant.
    Spiegel has lost a lot of its former glory imo (especially the mag, anyway), but it's nice to see they can still come up with stuff like this.