Saturday, August 14, 2010

Easier Content

It seems we finally reached the far end of easier content. Was about time.

Creature damage output has been increased from roughly level 65 and up. These increases scale upward with level. Creatures in exterior zones at level 80 now have 2.5 times the damage output they did previously in beta, 3.2 times at level 81, and 4 times at level 82 and up.

We’d like to get your feedback about how combat feels with creatures in level 80-85 exterior zones, including spawn rates and numbers of creatures in specific locations in each zone. Please let us know if this feels adequately challenging, or if there is a little too much face rocking going on.


The idea isn't for you to be in Godmode, mowing through everything in your path. The idea is - in fact - for you to have to stop to rest, bandage, heal, every once in awhile.

If you are reckless you will absolutely die. This is intended.


We're currently investigating issues with creature spell damage scaling. The intent is definitely not for players to have to rest after every single solo pull.

Melee damage, on the other hand, seems about right, but may undergo some fine tuning.

Keep the feedback for specific lethal creatures and deadly points of interest coming. We're looking at everything submitted. 

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